Friday, 19 July 2013

A Proper Welcome

Hello again!

Okay, I missed my target of getting this post up yesterday, but I did manage to post the About Me page, which is sort of a similar thing to this post. What can I say, I was busy. I went to the Wetlands Centre with my Dad, took some photos, had a barbecue with friends, transferred some music... I should stop now, this isn't a diary.

So what is it? Other than just a blog? Well, it's (mostly) a blog about my thoughts on and experiences of living with Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism (according to the DSM-V Diagnostic Manual, it's no longer a separate disorder, but more on that another time). I was diagnosed around ten years ago, and for a lot of that time I had a psychologist. Though, as I was so young at the time, around 7 when diagnosed, I didn't really understand what was happening, or why I was different.

Now, things are a lot different. As I've grown up, I've learned to, as my psychologist said, 'intellectualise' my problems, and use logical thought to work around. Because of this, and the continued support of my friends and family, I no longer need a psychologist, and I'm successfully going through college, well on my way to university, with a solid social life. I feel I'm now confident enough to start this blog, to share my experiences and provide a view of Asperger's from someone who has grown up with it. Hopefully, this blog will help inform and raise awareness and acceptance of the disorder, and help others in similar situations, whether it be AS, autism, or any other mental disorder such as ADHD, depression or Bipolar.

I'll be looking forward to seeing where this blog takes me, and what it does for others.
Have fun guys, I'll post again soon.


PS, some of my posts will be on topics such as Computing or films and books. Being that they're my favourite topics, I won't be able to help it!

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