Friday, 21 November 2014

Big Change! Huge Change! Also I'm back!

Hello guys! It's been so long! 287 days! And yet my view counter says people have actually been looking at this blog, so I know I'm saying hello to real people.

So, first, excuse the ridiculous time on this post, I'm having a little trouble sleeping right now.

Second, there's been a lot of change recently! Independently-living-uni-going-socialising-friend-making-totally-actually-an-adult-now change! Since my last blog, so much has happened. I may post more on all this stuff soon, but here are the quick highlights roughly in order:

I'm 18 now
Go me! Officially an adult, and absolutely no more mature for it.

I made it to university
It took a lot of effort, hard work, possible swearing and definite shouting, but I got the grades I needed (mostly) and made it to Glasgow University! The only place I've ever seen with great 19th century architecture right next to the ugliest building in the world.

I'm living (almost) independently
The more observant of you may have noticed that my home in the north east of England isn't quite next door to Glasgow, so I'm now living there. With people I had never even met until September!

I'm making friends...
I'll admit, I was absolutely terrified of coming here and meeting people, but everyone seems so nice! I've made some good friends really fast, and a couple of close friends who I hope will stick around basically forever.

... And not melting down!
Yes, despite all the massive change, and the socialising from scratch without any fall back plan, I'm surviving. There are a few problems, but my friends are really understanding and supportive, so I think everything will be fine.

As you can see, there's just so much been going on that I feel like my massive overuse of exclamation marks may be somewhat justified. I'll hopefully be posting more soon, and might even keep to my biweekly Wednesday-Saturday schedule. I have so much to say, and my new experiences have opened a whole new world of things to talk about.

See you all later!

Now, let's see if I can finally get some sleeeeeeeee....

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