Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Back To College! Let's Get Organised!

First off, sorry guys! And welcome to any new readers! It's been so long since my last post, but I've been so busy doing this, that and the other, and getting ready to go back to college. That's the non compulsory sixth form style post high school education for age 16+ in the UK, not university, for you Americans out there. That comes next year ;)

So, hopefully I'll be posting more regularly now that I have a timetable to work with, so I can structure my days and not just decide 'nah, another day' all the time. Routine's a big thing with Asperger's! I'll try to stick to a similar posting schedule to the one I was using, posting every day or two at around 7pm GMT, give or take a couple of hours. Now, it might not work at all, and there's a chance that I'll just give up, or be too stressed too work, or any number of things. But I hope that the thought of helping you all out, and having a place to just drop my thoughts, will be enough to keep me coming back.

I think I'll be starting a 'Thoughtsplat' series of articles too, where I start with a single thought and follow it through, taking the thought wherever it goes. It's a good way of showing how my mind works (and how easily distracted I am!) I might come up with other series' too, when I think of them. But, until then, bye guys!

See you again soon,


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