Wednesday, 6 November 2013

An Idea!

I say this far too often, but once again, it's been too long since my last blog! I've been busy ok. No, really, since my last blog I've spent half a holiday being 'independent' (ok, so my parents went away and I survived without dying in the house), and a weekend in Scotland with my friends (again, travelling 100 miles on public transport with just my friend and not having some kind of meltdown!) and now I've finished(ish) my UCAS application and I'll be sending it off soon. Ok, that sentence was far too long. But who cares, it was a great week! You know, for someone who dislikes change and is terrified of doing things by myself, I really enjoy doing all these new things... How does that even work? Ideas in the comments!

Anyway, I shall describe that all in more detail at a later date (probably), because right now I have an idea! Ok, it's not technically a new idea, because it was actually the original idea for this blog. I want to make a vlog. That way, I get to say a lot more in less time, with a potentially much larger audience. And you all get to see me, instead of reading my words on a page. I'll still have my blog for the readers here, and all the ideas and advice and things I have about Asperger's and autism, but I really think a vlog could be a great sort of outlet for me. I'm not entirely sure how I'd juggle between the two, but even if I become (even) less active here, I'll at least post all the vlogs. Maybe it would also help people more, actually seeing someone with Asperger's talking, rather than reading their words? I'm not aware of any Aspie vloggers right now, though I'm sure there are some...

Sorry for all the non-ASD related posts recently, but I do use this as a kind of story of my life alongside the advice and things, and there's been a lot going on recently.

See you guys soon (and maybe you'll see me!)


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