Sunday, 20 October 2013

Going To Scotland! And A Couple Of Other Things.

The place I'm going to is in this picture
Yup. Title says it all really, need I say more? Alright alright, since this is actually a blog post, I guess I better explain. Me and my friend are going up to see our new Scottish friends, one of whom is in fact his girlfriend. Lucky git. We're going up in a couple of weeks, when it's our half term holiday. It won't be theirs though, which is why we're going a weekend. Just after Halloween in fact, so I'll let you guys work out the dates. I've already said how much I love Scotland, but my friend hasn't so much as set foot North of the border before. This is gonna be interesting.

So yeah, this will be the first time I've been in another country both without parents and without someone like staff from school or college. There was Download Festival, which is technically further away, but still, that doesn't sound as impressive as another country. I wonder how well I'll manage being around people I've never technically met, and their family? I mean, for someone like me with Asperger's, this should be the most damned terrifying thing I've ever done. But strangely enough, I'm not even nervous. I'm more worried about missing the connecting train than saying the wrong thing. I think I can put that all down to the support I've had from people, so that I've been able to build myself up to the point where I can do this.I know I've already said it in pretty much every other post, but I am grateful.

Moving onwards to another topic, it's nearly half term already! With all the non stop things that have been going on, I haven't had time to sit down and see the time go by. It feels like just yesterday I was going back to college, and already so much has changed. What a strange half term it's been... Starting projects in college which happen to help my organising skills, falling out and making up with people, which has changed how I see the world, making new friends, which has helped all of us and kept us happy, and honestly, despite the intense workload, there's been a lot less anxiety than I was expecting. I'm looking forward to what the holiday brings, and the next half term.

Okay, so I think my self indulgent post has gone on for long enough now. It's dark outside already and I need to have my tea. But I hope you guys at least liked reading about my thoughts and what I get up to. And for those who come looking for advice and help, take heart in the knowledge that, even if things are looking a bit dim, you could turn the corner any day and be dazzled by the light. As I said in my anxiety post, all it might take is a friendly face.

See you next time,

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